Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Dariu Gavrila, Head of the Intelligent Vehicles Group

After 20 years at Daimler R&D, Prof. Dr. Dariu Gavrila, recently moved back to academia to head up the Intelligent Vehicles and Cognitive Robotics section at TU Delft.

Over his career Prof. Gavrila has focused on visual systems for detecting humans and their activity, with application to intelligent vehicles, smart surveillance and social robotics. He led the multi-year pedestrian detection research effort at Daimler, which was incorporated in the Mercedes-Benz S-, E-, and C-Class models (2013-2014). He is frequently cited in the scientific literature and received the I/O 2007 Award from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Application Award 2014. His personal Website is www.gavrila.net

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Our mission:

  • Be an active part of the autonomous driving & automated reality
  • Explore how vehicle automation will change technology concepts, architectures, software platforms, ADAS, sensor fusion further technical requirements
  • Discuss the challenges of AI supported, cognitive cars in regards to complexity and penetration of in-vehicle infotainment systems and ADAS
  • Discover latest trends in sensor and perception technology and insights into environmental models and sensor fusion concepts
  • Cover the full scope of vehicle automation from the market leaders & new market players
  • Approach new technical challenges and disruptive technologies

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