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Tech.AD USA Award 2021

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Tech.AD USA AWARD 2021

The Tech.AD USA Award exclusively honors extraordinary projects in the automotive industry and celebrates exceptional solutions & innovations. Our expert jury will review the applications and nominate the best projects. Taking place on the first event day of the Tech.AD USA, the award ceremony will bring the nominees the recognition they deserve during a live-voting session with the largest community of autonomous driving decision-makers in North America.


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Award Ceremony: Celebrating the best automotive driving projects at the digital Tech.AD USA Award Ceremony


November 15, 2021 19:00

directly after the first conference day


Online in the live stream

Award Benefits

Industry-wide recognition

during the Tech.AD USA Award Ceremony where all key autonomous driving stakeholders in North America will be (digitally) represented.

Media attention

through a Tech.AD Award press release, social media post and media exposure for all the winners, as well as during the ceremony

Boost your project

and foster enthusiasm of your efforts among your colleagues, employees, management and team members.

Tech.AD USA Award

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Evaluation Criteria

  • INNOVATION – How innovative or unique is the approach?
  • SIMPLICITY – How easy is the project to realize and to maintain?
  • ACHIEVEMENT – What has been improved through the implementation?
  • MATURITY – Is the approach ready to use?
  • COST EFFECTIVENESS – What is the balance of development costs and savings

Facts at a glance


March 2021 – October 22: Submit your project by filling in the online application form


October 22 – 25: Our expert jury will review all the applications


October 25, 2021: The nominees will be announced and asked to prepare a short video presenting their AV projects. The video should be submitted before November 08, 2021.


November 15, 2021: The winners of the Tech.AD USA Award will be announced during a live-voting session

The Winner of the Tech.AD USA Award 2019

The proud winner of the Tech.AD Award 2019 in the category ‘Most Innovative use of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in the development of Autonomous Vehicles & Respective Technologies’ was Helm.AI and their Artificial Intelligence project. In the second category, ‘Most outstanding Autonomous Vehicle Technology innovation of the year’ Nvidia’s solution about virtual AV test fleets in the cloud was voted first place.

Congratulations to Helm.ai & AEye for winning the 2nd Tech.AD USA Award 2019!

Category 1: Most Innovative use of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in the development of Autonomous Vehicles & Respective Technologies



Helm.ai is an automotive software company that is building and productizing cutting edge artificial intelligence technology which unlocks the full market potential for fully autonomous driving. Our primary focus is on developing flexible deep learning based automotive-grade software solutions throughout the entire self-driving stack, including computer vision and sensor fusion based perception, intent modeling, path planning, and control, all with the levels of reliability required for large-scale full autonomy.

2nd Place

NVIDIA DRIVE Constellation

Simulation has shown to be fundamental for deploying safe AVs and provides a platform to test self-driving technology before cars hit the road. NVIDIA DRIVE Constellation enables the creation of unique virtual AV test fleets in the cloud. It is an open, scalable, bit accurate, real-time, hardware-in-the-loop solution that will enable the industry to develop AVs that can then be rigorously tested without putting other road users in harm’s way. This allows for greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness and safety than what is possible to achieve with real world test drives.

Category 2: Most outstanding Autonomous Vehicle Technology innovation of the year


LiDAR Artificial Perception platform

  • fuses solid-state agile LiDAR with a low-light HD camera, then integrates artificial intelligence, to create a smart sensor that is fully software extensible
  • was designed from the ground up to mimic the way a human’s visual cortex focuses on and evaluates potential driving hazards. Using a distributed architecture and edge processing.
  • dynamically tracks targets and objects of interest, while always critically assessing general surroundings. Its software-configurable hardware enables vehicle control system software to selectively customize data collection in real-time, while edge processing reduces control loop latency.
  • is able to capture more intelligent information with less data, for optimal performance and safety by combining software extensibility, artificial intelligence and smart, agile sensors.

2nd Place

Foretify Technology

By offering our clients a choice between launching a single mobility service or managing all services simultaneously, Fleetonomy is eliminating the need to juggle between different services divided by different fleets and enabling focus on efficiency and automation. The utilization-focused approach that fleetonomy provides can now prepare the company’s clients for the future of autonomous vehicles as well as create new revenue streams for mobility operators in the present.

3th Place


  • allows you to stimulate sensor behavior in the lab environment as it would be in real world. Objects can be simulated at different velocities, distances and angles, while taking into account sensor properties such as antenna characteristics, sensitivity, resolution, separability and linearity.
  • is designed with sophisticated RF circuit technology to enable developers of ADAS and autonomous driving systems to test radar sensors in the laboratory with the utmost precision that is required.
  • was designed to test high-frequency systems operating in the GHz range (such as safety-critical applications). These systems can simulate moving targets across a continuous range, from small distances (0.6 m) up to large distances (up to 3600 m).
  • features the smallest RF-front end antenna in the world, making these systems ideal for dynamic angle simulations and unlimited possibilities for test setups.

Tech.AD Award Charity Partner 2019: Doctors Without Borders

MSF mission is to alleviate suffering, protect life and health, and to restore respect for human beings and their fundamental human rights.

The organization works in more than 70 countries. They provide medical humanitarian aid where the needs are greatest, and often go to places where other organizations can’t or won’t operate. In catastrophic situations that temporarily overwhelm individuals, communities and local health structures, MSF strive to provide quality medical and other relevant care to contribute to the survival and relief of as many people as possible.

Doctors Without Borders bring down barriers that keep people from getting the treatment they need to stay alive and healthy. We advocate for effective drugs, tests and vaccines that are available, affordable, suited to the people we care for, and adapted to the places where they live.

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Tech.AD USA Award
Terms & Conditions


No applications for the Tech.AD USA Award will be considered after October 15th, 2021. All details must be submitted in English. The submitted application should be related to an AD project at your company. Only projects that have been implemented or are already in an implementation phase are being considered. The implementation of the project must not date back longer than 2 years. Projects that have been awarded the Tech.AD USA Award before may not apply again. The jury will only consider applicants who have completed the award application with all required details and will nominate projects for each category. Decisions of the jury are final and may not be disputed. The jury will adhere to our award guidelines. By submitting your application, you agree to the terms & conditions of we.CONECT.


All nominees will be asked to prepare a 2 minute-long video showcasing their project. Style, format and content can be based on individual/corporate design. The video will be shown in the Tech.AD USA livestream during the award ceremony on November 15, 2021. Failure to provide a video/presentation may result in disqualification. All nominees must attend the award ceremony or send a representative.


Besides being used for evaluation purposes, the information provided by applicants may be published on further channels by we.CONECT Global Leaders GmbH. We reserve the right to publish your project under your name and company name respectively. It is therefore advisable to ensure that all submissions are fully approved by your organization before applying.

Your Contact Person for the Tech.AD USA Award

Sarah Schubert
Marketing Manager
Automotive Smart Mobility Series
Phone: +49 (0)30 52 10 70 3 – 268
Email: sarah.schubert@we-conect.com