Interview with Shivam Gautam, Latitude AI

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we.CONECT spoke with Shivam Gautam, Tech Lead – ML Perception at Latitude AI, to gain insights into his role in developing cutting-edge perception models for automated driving, covering trends in perception model evolution, and challenges in transitioning from L4 to L3 autonomy, and innovative approaches at Latitude AI. Download the interview and see what he had to say about those items and more!

Shivam Gautam is a speaker at the 10th-anniversary of Tech.AD USA taking place at The Henry, Dearborn on December 6-8, 2023. His presentation is titled Mastering the Challenges in AD Perception – Moving From L4 to L3?

The presentation will address the main challenges of building perception systems for autonomous vehicles in the urban and highway domain, specifically in relation to Long-Tail Perception. In this session, you will learn more about

  • How perception systems can deal with data imbalances without explicit data engineering?
  • How learned detection models can operate when faced with out-of-distribution data?
  • How learned models can generalize from the sparser high-speed highway domain to the denser low-speed urban domain?
  • How state estimation and data association scale for actors with unknown motion and shape?
  • How to make the perception system robust to inherent sensor ambiguity at longer ranges?
  • How the perception system can handle degraded weather or obstructed sensors?