Tech.AD USA 2022 Panel Discussion – Evolution of the development lifecycle in autonomous driving

Brendan Chan, Sr. Chief Engineer – Autonomy/Active Safety, Oshkosh Corporation.

Dr. Radovan Miucic, Engineering Director, Lear Corporation.

Niranjan Manohar, Director – Connected Cars and Automotive IOT – Mobility, Frost & Sullivan Inc.

Stefan Raab, Senior Director Business Development – AMER, Equinix.

Explore the “Evolution of the Development Lifecycle in Autonomous Driving” panel discussion, featuring Brendan Chan, Dr. Radovan Miucic, Niranjan Manohar, and Stefan Raab. These visionary experts gathered to unravel the complexities of autonomous driving, offering their insights and solutions to the challenges that shaped the past. Relive the interactive exchange, expertly moderated by Niranjan Manohar, and gain a unique perspective on the industry’s evolution. Discover the knowledge that once fueled innovation in this captivating throwback session!